Update in PACS System

Thursday, 6 November 2014; A continuous medical education session had been held at conference room, Department of Radiology Hospital USM. Topic for the CME was about 'Update in PACS System of Hospital USM'. Our resource person ; Mr. Nik Fauriza Nik Lah and PACS team were involved in the aim to explain and inform to all of the staff about the development and progress status in implementing our latest PACS system brought by GE medical enterprise. Our PACS team said that ' This is a really positive improvement from the older version whereas the application is constructed to be more responsive, web integrated and with high security features to protect data of patient as refer to Caldicott principle. However, user have to be well informed and tolerate in the progress period due to migration of data, down time protocol and upgrade process crossover. Minor problems are expected to achieve full operational system. It is normal for users to felt uneasy with changes, but in time this will benefit us all. We hope everyone can give full commitment in this situation and serve the community by spreading the information'.
For information, our PACS interface (clinician viewer) can be access by Google Chrome browser with USM password requirement, at ;
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