Animal Behaviour Lab

Animal behavioral study facilities:

IntelliCage(1st in ASEAN region)

Open field, Plus maze, Radial maze

Students have an opportunity to learn evolutionary analyses of behavior, design and analyses of behavioral experiments, theoretical modeling, genetic analyses, and endocrine, physiological and neurobiological techniques.
These are behavior instruments we have in our behavior lab.

1. Open field Test (Animal mobility test)
2. Radial Arm Maze ( Working and Reference Memory test)
3. Elevated Plus Maze (Anxiety Behavior Test)
4. Morris Water Maze (Working and Reference Memory test)
5. IntelliCage ( Locomotors, learning and addiction test)
6. Passive Avoidance ( Working Memory and conditioning test)
7.Operant modular test chamber (Classical conditioning test)
8. Hot Plate Test Pain/Analgesia behavior test
9. Forced Swim Test (Depression test)

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