Basic Neurosciences

MSc (Research) / PhD [Basic Neuroscience, USM]
This is an interdisciplinary program by a research mode leading to the USM award of MSc and PhD degree(s) in Neurosciences. The MSc by research in Neurosciences is a maximum 36-month, full-time course that is suitable for graduates particularly in biological sciences, chemistry sciences, physical sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology, mathematical, engineering, veterinary or computer sciences who wish to seek rewarding and exciting future career in the field of neurosciences.This course is also available on a part-time basis.
Graduates from this MSc course may wish to pursue further studies towards achieving a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Neurosciences, subject to the approval of the USM University Senate. The PhD program spans from 4 years (fulltime) to a maximum of 8 years (part-time) of a focused research on relevant topics in fundamental neurosciences, including but not restricted to research in areas such as cognitive neuroscience, neurogenetics, neurooncology, neurophysiology, neural medicinal chemistry, neural regeneration and behavioural neuroscience.
As part of the continuing course appraisal and assessment of each degree scheme, graduates are expected to publish a minimum  of 3 papers for MSc and 6 papers for PhD, leading up to the submission and defence of thesis. These publications include papers in proceedings, abstracts in journal and full papers with indexed international database.
The research interests of the current member of staff include:
• the cellular mechanisms underlying neurological diseases such as Brain Tumours, Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy and Dementia
• the strategies to limit and even repair damage to the brain and spinal cord caused by traumatic injury, ischemia or neoplasm
• the molecular mechanisms underlying the expression and function of ion channel and neurotransmitter receptors
• the cellular mechanisms involved in learning and memory, and addiction
• the development of the nervous system, including signal transduction, tumorigenesis, and cells communication
The diversity of research interests reflects the attractive training opportunities, both to the graduate students as well as to postdoctoral fellows.
To be considered for admission to the graduate program, applicants must possess:
• a Bachelor degree in basic/applied sciences and/or allied health sciences (for MSc) and a Master degree in neurosciences (for PhD)
• a grade point of 3.0 or above (from a maximum 4.0) in a bachelor degree (for MSc)
• a strong quantitative background (based on applicants' CVs, but frequently determined at an interview session; for both MSc and PhD)
We provided a teaching and research laboratory with clean room class P1000 as well as class P100 for the students. We are equipped with a selection of equipments including:
(1)  Laser Scanning Microscope
(2)  RT/PCR Machine
(3) PALM Laser Microdissection
(4) Surgical Microscopes for animal dissection
(5) Stereo Microscope
(6) Inverted Microscope
(7) 15 different Animal Behavior System including the Intelligent Cage
(8) Animal Stereotactic Frame
(9) Patch Clamp System
(10) Cell Culture Facilities for Neural stem cells and neural human and animal astrocytes,neuron and glial cells.
(11) EEG telemetry for rats
(12) Animal Isolators
(13) DNA sequencer
(14) Automated Karyotyper
(15) Magnetoencephalography
(16) EEG and Evoked potentials
(17) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
(18) 3 Tesla functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging with MRI simulator and accessories

For submission of a formal application to enter our graduate program MSc(The Scroll will write MSc Neurosciences and/or PhD Research based in  Neurosciences(Your Scroll will not have Neurosciences written in it as it is a research PhD, please visit the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Institute of Postgraduate Studies at or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For further information on the graduate courses on offer and for a copy of course brochure, feel free to contact:
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Tel: 609-7676300
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