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The skills laboratory at Neurosciences Teaching Laboratory, USM provides a more conducive environment for graduate students to practice and learn surgical skills,end to end, side to end anatomosis, suturing, or any invasive procedures on laboratory animal (mostly used rats and rabbits). Currently, this lab equipped with high end Zeiss Mirosurgical microscopy and video cameras.
The microsurgical microscope (Carl Zeiss) helps the postgraduate students and lecturers in cadaveric brain dissection, spine surgery, post mortem, cannulation procedures under sterile environments. The procedures done on laboratory animals such as rabbits, Sprague Dawley rats, BALB-C mice and frogs. Carl Zeiss microsurgery microscope were attached to the high quality video cameras.
This equipment simplifies difficult stereotaxic surgery and helps graduate students in their animal surgery. It allows variation in the angle of approach, without calculation. This equipment equipped with the scale that is located on one side of the instrument and provides convenient positioning of both animal and electrode carrier. Current project using stereotaxic surgery are:
Tract tracing experiment on SCI

Implantation of vaccine on brain tumors experiment

Basal ganglia injury

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