Research: Clinical/Applied Neuroscience

Clinical/Applied Neuroscience

Multimodality monitoring in ischaemic and haemorraghic stroke.

DTI & Tractography in haemorrhagic strokes

Multimodality monitoring studies in paediatric head injury.

Multimodality monitoring studies in adult severe head injuries.

Invasive and non invasive Epilepsy monitoring and surgery in adults.

CT Perfusion studies in various ischaemic strokes.

Neurophysiological Research on epilesy and movement disorders

Hyothermia for strokes and traumatic head injury cooling helmet

Event related potential and traumatic brain injury

Neurotropism in central nervous system tuberculosis

Brain tumors and BORIS

Mitocondrial instability in brain tumors

Duchenne muscular dystrophy and dystrophin gene 

Image guided surgery for neurosurgical operations doing frameless technology.

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