Research: Fundamental Neuroscience

Fundamental Neuroscience
  • Effect of Centella asiatica extracts of psycho-activity on rat hippocampus: in vivo and in vitro study
  • Evaluation of the toxicity and behavioral study (learning and memory) of Mitragyna speciosa korth methanol crude extract
  • Comparison of the potential anti-epileptic bioactive compounds acting on GABA (A) receptor from Zizyphus mauritiana,Myristica fragrans,mitragyna speciosa
  • Evaluation of stichopus variegatus extracts on experimental contusive spinal cord injury in rat model
  • Molecular markers for brain tumours (p53, p16, PTEN, LOH, NF2, EGFR, Ras famliy, c-myc, Bax, Cyclin D1, p27)
  • Molecular markers for migraine: glucoprotein 2B3A
  • Radiological Molecular genetic, pathogenesis and clinicoepidemilogical studies in epilepsy
  • Characterization of development stage and neural differentiation potential of rat stem cells in striatal brain tissue and bone marrow
  • Proliferation, apoptosis and telomerase activity study of embryonic striatal stem cell culture under the influence of growth factors
  • Culture of isograft of schwann cells and hippocampal cells
  • In vitro and in vivo studies of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) strain V4UPM against experimental human malignant glioma in rat and non human primate model.


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