Professor Dr. Nafeeza Mohd Ismail, after graduating with a medical degree from University Malaya, joined the Department of Pharmacology, Universiti Kebangsaan (UKM) as a Trainee Lecturer. She became a full member of the Department after she obtained her Ph.D. in ‘Helicobacter pylori associated gastritis in patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia’. She started her career in Pharmacology in 1992 and held a number of research and administrative positions at the Department and Faculty level.
After about 15 years as an academic member in UKM, Professor Nafeeza joined the Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) where she led the Discipline of Pharmacology. She continues to have an accomplished career demonstrating consistent success as an educator and researcher that led to her past appointment as Dean of Faculty of Medicine, UiTM.
Professor Nafeeza is the recipient of numerous teaching awards at faculty as well as at the University level. She has extensive background of developing and implementing medical curriculum including a curriculum which combines a modular-based system and PBL. Her teaching experiences include delivering interactive lectures to undergraduate medical students and postgraduate students pursuing various fields of medicine. She is also on the panel of delivering instructions on teaching-learning methods to junior academicians. She has also been invited to speak at Medical education events.
She is the author of over 200 publications, is the author of over 15 book chapters and books inclusive. She has been an Executive Member of the Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology for many years, of which she was once the President and is recently re-elected as the current President. She is a reviewer of local and International Journals. She is also the Malaysian representative for Asia Pacific Federation of Pharmacologists (formerly known as the Southeast Asian/Western Pacific Regional Federation of Pharmacologists - SEAWP-RFP). She is a Council Member of the Asia-Pacific Association on Problem-Based Learning in Health Sciences (APA PHS) and also Malaysia’s representative to APAPHS. Her recent appointment to a member of a national committee adds to her vast experience as a physician-pharmacologist.
Her research interest is on the role of natural products in the modulation of disease processes such as atherosclerosis, stress-related conditions such as stress-induced gastric injury, cataract and glaucoma. The two compounds that are actively investigated include tocotrienol and resveratrol. She has held several research grants and is currently involved in many research projects and in the supervision of undergraduate medical students and postgraduate students in pharmacology. She chairs numerous committees at her Faculty and is also the Deputy Chair of the University’s Research Ethics Committee. At the national level, Professor Nafeeza is a panel member for evaluation of research proposals at the Ministry of Science, Technology and innovation.

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