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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Secretariat

This is a dedicated KPI secretariat for the School of Medical Sciences. As KPI achievement reflects to great extent, the research performance of the School, it is paramount to have an organised team and workflow to streamline the documentations that fulfil the institutional KPI requirements. For this purpose, this Secretariat is responsible to collect, analyse and disseminate the School’s KPI accordingly.
In general, the Secretariat advices, assists, guides and collects the evidences and documents from researchers/lecturers that can be further verified as documentations of the School’s KPI data. All submitted documents will be uploaded into a dedicated server as a master list before the final submission to USM regulatory entity known as BPI (Institutional Development Division) for the purpose of internal auditing.
KPI Secretariat Members:
  1. Prof. Dr. Rosline Hassan (Deputy Dean Research)
  2. Assoc Prof Dr. Muzaimi Mustapha (MedikSCOM)
  3. En. Mohd Zaki Selamat (R&I Office)
  4. En. Arifin Harun (CRL)
  5. Pn. Wan Nur Izzah Wan Yusoff (CRL)
  6. Pn. Nor Shuhada Abdul Rahim (MedikSCOM)
  7. Pn. Siti Salmi Mohamad (MedikSCOM)

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